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As a beginning of a short series of posts here at darnellia, I invite you to think with me about what it means that we as Christians have been adopted by God as sons and daughters in his family. Specifically, I want to explore how this should affect our gatherings. (Here’s a great blog dedicated […]

If you haven’t seen this Colbert smackdown of Bart Ehrman, it’s well worth your time. My favorite quote: Ehrman: Sure Jesus is divine in the Gospel of John, he says, “I am da vine, you are da branches.” Studio: Dead silence. After you’ve checked it out, see this satisfyingly wry evaluation of the event.

Soul Pancake


If you’re in the mood for doing some online apologetics, check outĀ People submit big questions like, “What is the meaning of life?” and discuss. It’s a great way to burn time on the Internet while attempting to nudge people towards Christ, which is probably better than obsessively checking (or whatever your personal Internet […]

Consider this ad spotted at The “buy gold!” trend seems to be raging in light of the recent economic events, but does gold really have any more value than some shares of stock? I suppose it’s somewhat easier to sell a bar of gold than a piece of paper with some numbers on it, […]

Strong words from Texas to the Fed here. See the press release below: I’m glad somebody’s standing up to the overreaching federal government. You?

I (finally?) found out about Wordle. Here’s one of Philippians (ESV). I’m not sure of the implications, but it’s nice to see what’s in the foreground. How much should our speech reflect this?

It seems appropriate for a blog to post this link, entitled, “Why moms are at risk for Internet addiction.” Moms aren’t the only ones at risk. How easy it is to become a slave by thinking, I need to relax or, Just a couple more minutes/toys/dollars/nights/highs/etc. I can personally testify to the veracity of Jesus’ […]