Re: Church – Part 1a


In this short installment, I ask you the question raised by this post by missionary Guy Muse (it’s a quick read). Here’s the intro:

When Mónica called saying she and her husband needed an urgent meeting, my heart sank. Usually when someone calls for a private meeting, there is some problem that has arisen and we are the ones they come to for help. Both are new believers who have grown tremendously in the Lord. I dreaded hearing whatever it was that had happened.

Geovanny (our team leader) and I met with Mónica and Medardo. Both of us were expecting the worse. After the initial small talk, they got down to why they had called the meeting.

Mónica voiced their concern, “When can we be a church?”

In short, Monica and her husband are new believers who have been meeting with a group of 10-15 fellow believers six nights a week. To date, they have planted two or three new churches, though they’ve been meeting for less than a year. During their meetings, they pray for the lost, pray for one another, and look to the Bible for instruction.

Guy concludes that they are already a church. Do you agree?

My thoughts, for what they’re worth, coming up in part 1b.

Via Dave Black, May 7, 8:53 am.


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