Piper on TV


Here are perhaps the best two paragraphs I’ve read on the relationship of TV and the Christian life:

But leave sex aside (as if that were possible for fifteen minutes on TV). It’s the unremitting triviality that makes television so deadly. What we desperately need is help to enlarge our capacities to be moved by the immeasurable glories of Christ. Television takes us almost constantly in the opposite direction, lowering, shrinking, and deadening our capacities for worshiping Christ.

One more smaller concern with TV (besides its addictive tendencies, trivialization of life, and deadening effects): It takes time. I have so many things I want to accomplish in this one short life. Don’t waste your life is not a catchphrase for me; it’s a cliff I walk beside every day with trembling.

The whole thing isn’t much longer, but you can see his point well enough in these few paragraphs. Instead of clicking on that link, I’d encourage you to flip open your Bible for a few minutes or make an intentional phone call to someone you know who needs it (and I think Piper would agree).

I’m thankful for the timeliness of this article. Lately, I’ve found myself spending more time in front of the TV and that other colossal time-suck, the Internet.

I’m even more thankful that I left that article on my screen when I got off work today. I didn’t sit down at the computer to pass this along to you; I was planning to float around blogs and news for a bit while procrastinating on my homework and Greek translation. I think I’ll get to work now.

Life is too short for idleness, and, for me at least, TV and the Internet are often just that. The only real rest, trite as it may sound, is in laboring for Christ. When I seek rest and relaxation anywhere else, I’m left more bored and tired then when I began.


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