Does God Care?


Confession: I’ve been in a bit of a spiritual coma for the last couple of months. My time in translating Scripture has been wonderful, but I just haven’t felt very close – or even motivated to be close – to God recently.

I write this because I’d like to share a few ways in which I’ve felt that God has reached out to me this past week, despite the silence on this end of the relationship.

The first way God reached out to me was while I was doing some sanding. See, I’ve gotten a little burned out on the study of theology recently, probably because I’m quick to judge people, and around here, everyone talks about theology. I naturally (judgmentally) assume it’s all talk, and that’s probably because for me, it generally is.

Anyway, as a result,  I was looking to put some walk to the talk, and it was refreshing when a friend called to tell me that Bible study was cancelled so that we could all work on another friend’s house. God was asking me to serve cheerfully and selflessly, and, though I struggled a bit to find that attitude, I’m thankful he gave me and my wife that opportunity to put feet (well, hands) to my words.

Then, there was lunch at Bojangles‘. Now, as much as Bojangles’ usually cheers me up (and oh it does – 2 words: Boberry Biscuit), this time was particularly excellent. As I said, I was burned out with talk of theology, and I wound up at lunch with two brilliant guys who love to talk theology. But their conversation, while highly intellectual, was never discussing theology for theology’s sake. Rather, theology was discussed for the sake of pushing one another toward Christ. Now that’s a theological conversation worth having!

But God wasn’t done working on my bad attitude; he got me a gig to play a little bass this evening at a local coffee shop. What does that have to do with my being in a spiritual funk? Well, for one, playing music is just plain fun, so it’s hard to be bummed out while doing it. But secondly, like the guys I shared Bojangles’ with, the two guys in the band have huge hearts for Jesus. God encouraged me through them simply by showing me what love they have for each other and those around them, including myself, despite the fact that we had really only just met.

So I give thanks to the Lord for getting my attention this week, for asking me to serve selflessly, and for putting inspiring examples of brothers who truly live their theology in my face over the past three days.

It would seem that God cares about our relationship even when I don’t.

Two questions come to mind: 1) Does any Scripture back me up on this conclusion, or am I reading into things? 2) How have you been encouraged lately?


One Response to “Does God Care?”

  1. I am encouraged when I read blogs like this one by students who are being broken by God so that they can be poured out into the lives of others.

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