“A Spiritual Starvation Diet”


I’d like to pass along a quote that is found in an article on suffering written by a woman who was recently diagnosed with an aggressive cancer:

It is not enough to sit for an hour in Sunday services and listen to 20 [or 50] minutes of teaching.  This is a spiritual starvation diet. It will do nothing to make us spiritually strong for the times of stress that will invariably come into each of our lives.

We must grapple with the Scriptures ourselves…reading, studying, meditating, digesting…looking always into the face of our Teacher, the Holy Spirit.

Relationship with God is the only framework that enables a person to suffer in such a way as does not lead to despair, and a so-called worship service or two a week is not enough for us to really know God.

Yet, as a brother said in church today, the “spiritual disciplines” will not make us righteous or bring us closer to God in and of themselves. Our being made righteous by Christ is the proper motivation for daily “reading, studying, meditating, [and] digesting” his Word.

God has loved us in revealing himself to us. I am able to actually get to know God – the one true God of the universe – better, and yet I often opt for idleness or distraction. I am so thankful for his patience and steadfast love. It is only in his strength that I can seek him, and I am asking for more of it.

I commend the rest of the aforementioned series to you: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. You’ll be either challenged or encouraged in how you face your struggles in life. Obviously, I was mainly challenged.


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