An Oncoming Quarter-Life Crisis?


A couple of days ago, I saw two neighborhood kids skateboarding down the hill in my apartment complex. I stopped by, told them that I’m into longboarding and that I’d love to skate with them sometime.

Today, one of those kids (who’s about seven or eight) came up to me while I was reading outside and said, “Sir, can I borrow your longboard?” To which I said, “Actually man, we’re [my wife and I] about to head out to get some coffee, and I’d hate for you to get hurt or something on it when I’m not even around. I’d love to skate with you sometime soon, though.”

After the boy left, my wife lovingly told me what an old man I sounded like when I said, “I’d hate for you to get hurt….”

And then I realized the kid called me “sir.” That’s “sir” spelled “O-L-D M-A-N.”

When I do skate with him, I’ll let him know that if you’re talking to somebody with a skateboard, “dude” will do just fine.


One Response to “An Oncoming Quarter-Life Crisis?”

  1. I get “ma’am”-ed all the time. I find it nice, though, because it means that the new generation can actually respect their elders and have manners.

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