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I’m a little late, but I’d like to announce the launching of, the website of one of the best worship leaders/songwriters in the country, Jeff Bourque. Head over to the songs page for song previews and free lyric sheets and see if you don’t agree. Post your thoughts in the comments, and be sure […]

Since it’s Saturday and you may have more time to waste spend on the world wide┬átime-suck web, it seems like a good day to kick off a new series here at darnellia: Essays. These posts will usually be a bit longer than most because they’re papers I’ve written for classes. As my professor Dr. David […]

This one comes to us from the illustrious Dr. Nathan Finn, my Baptist history professor: Some of you who are Calvinists think Calvinism is the gospel. My response to that is: You need to take a cold shower. Some of you Arminians think that Calvinism kills evangelism and missions. You need to learn how to […]

Starting with the first couple of weeks in the semester, there was a guy in one of my classes that sort of annoyed me with the tone of his questions and his general attitude in class. Two weeks ago, I gave a lesson in church on the great commandment in Matthew 22:34-40, where Jesus says […]

A New Blog


Speaking of influence, I’m happy to see my good friend Andy Bowden has started a blog. Congrats, Andy, and welcome to the interwebs!

Speaking Up


If you want to have influence, you have to speak. Is it wrong to want influence? I guess that depends on your motivation, doesn’t it? One thing’s for sure, even if you stay silent out of some humility, enemies of what you stand for won’t do the same.

Sad news in the world of atheism today, friends. There’s a report on NPR detailing what amounts to a schism in the atheist camp. Does that remind you of any religious groups? Christopher Hitchens, journalist and author of God is Not Great, has said, “I think religion should be treated with ridicule, hatred and contempt, […]