Quote of the Day


The presence of isocolon, asyndeton, homoeoarcton, and homoeoteleuton is so evident that these rhetorical techniques merit no further comment.*

Yeah! No further comment!

Wait… what? Where’s my dictionary…


*David Alan Black, “The Pauline Love Command: Structure, Style, and Ethics in Romans 12:9-21,” Filologia Neotestamentaria, Vol. II, May 1989: 1:8. If you’re reading the footnote, you must be serious, so here’s a little more context: Black is referring to the final two clauses of Romans 12:11, τῷ πνεύματι ζέοντες (to pneumati zeontes) and τῷ κυρίῳ δουλεύοντες (to kurio douleuontes), meaning, “Be on fire with the Spirit” and “Serve the Lord,” respectively (ISV). The presence of these rhetorical devices is clear, but see the article for how this fits into his broader argument.


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