The Problem with Atheism


Sad news in the world of atheism today, friends. There’s a report on NPR detailing what amounts to a schism in the atheist camp. Does that remind you of any religious groups?

Christopher Hitchens, journalist and author of God is Not Great, has said, “I think religion should be treated with ridicule, hatred and contempt, and I claim that right.” Does that remind you of any religious groups?

Hitchens further calls religion “sinister, dangerous and ridiculous,” according to the NPR. Does that sound like something a religious person might say?

NPR reports that PZ Myers, a biology prof at University of Minnesota, Morris, “drove a rusty nail through a consecrated Communion wafer and posted a photo on his Web site” for Blasphemy Day.

“People got very angry,” he recalls. “I don’t know why. I mean, it’s just a cracker, right?”

. . . He says one reason he favors the provocative approach is that it works, especially for the next generation of atheists.

“Edgy is what young people like,” Myers says. “They want to cut through the nonsense right away and want to get to the point. They want to hear the story fast, they want it to be exciting, and they want it to be fun. And I’m sorry, the old school of atheism is really, really boring.”

Does that lack of empathy and use of offense to sell a belief system worldview carefully reasoned position to young people remind you of any religious groups or their historical undertakings?

As it turns out, the problem with the new atheism is that it is religion.

But of course it is; the singular antidote to religion is the gospel of Christ Jesus.


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