Evidence for the Imago Dei


Reading the blogs today, I came across this quote from Dustin Curtis, a graphic designer:

When I first started designing as a hobby, I hated everything I made. I knew it was terrible, and no matter how hard I tried, I could never make it good enough for myself. But I didn’t give up, and after a while something clicked. I started to sort of like my work. But I am still not satisfied; every day I reach higher, trying to grasp the level of awesomeness that I can feel but can’t recreate.

As a programmer, designer, musician, and writer, I know about “the level of awesomeness that I can feel but can’t recreate;” don’t you?

God is the author of that level of awesomeness, and it’s because we are made in his image that we can perceive it at all and even attempt to recreate it. It’s because of his grace that we can ever progress towards it.

Dustin is making progress as a designer, whether he knows it is of God’s grace or not. In what areas do you identify?


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