The Old Testament is about…


This evening I’ve been writing a response paper on Stephen Dempster’s Dominion and Dynasty. If you’re interested at all in understanding the Old Testament better, specifically in how it coheres as a single prophetic book, I recommend it as a great little intro. Here’s how he concludes:

From Adam to David. From the creation of the world to the building of the temple, which will give new life to the world and from which the divine rule will extend to the ends of the earth. Genealogy and geography, dynasty and dominion. This represents the story of the Tanakh, a story that leaves Israel still in a type of exile, waiting for someone from David’s house to come and build a house to bring about the restoration of all things. This overall message, presented in a storyline with commentary, shows that the Tanakh is a book and not a ragbag. To be sure, it consists of many texts, but these find their part in a larger Text. The many stories together constitute a single Story. And this Story is about the reclamation of a lost human dominion over the world through a Davidic dynasty. In short, it is about the coming of the kingdom of God, and it is unfinished. (p. 231, emphasis mine)

Did you catch that? The Old Testament is primarily about the future, not the past. BAM!

Now go read it!


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