The Good Samaritan in the Computer Lab?


If you read nothing else online today, read this post.

Here’s how it starts:

Yesterday I was busily typing in the Seminary computer lab. Many other students were also typing, giving the computer lab that rythmic whirring sound from the many keyboards. Suddenly our quiet solitude was rudely interrupted. “HEY!” Shouted a student. “Does anyone know anything about computers? I need help!” I must admit, by the look on other faces, I was not the only one to feel slightly annoyed.

You really, really should read the rest.

Then you’ll ask, like I did, “When I help people, am I really loving them?”

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One Response to “The Good Samaritan in the Computer Lab?”

  1. 1 Jason

    Wow. That’ll preach. I wonder how many times i’ve been like that guy , thinking, “I did what I could,” but did I really? Thanks for posting this.

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