Thankful for Sight


If you put your thumb up to your lower eyelid and extend your index finger as far from your eye as possible, you’re looking at the distance past which the world becomes blurry to my naked eyes.

Yesterday, my new glasses arrived in the mail. I haven’t bought a new pair in five or six years, prefering to wear contacts instead.

Tonight, I’ve been wearing the glasses to try them out, and a few observations come to mind.

First, contacts are amazing. They’re incredibly lightweight, they’re practically invisible, and they don’t distort the world like glasses do. Glasses tend to make things look smaller than they really are, and everything at their edges is warped. If your prescription is high enough, you know what I mean.

Second, that we can correct vision at all is amazing. Having taken my glasses off to rest my eyes, I’m struck by the fact that if it weren’t for glasses or contacts, my ability to navigate this world would be severly limited. I’m not sure I’d even be able to cook for myself, let alone maintain a house or hold down a job. There’s no way I could be a student in the way I am today.

If it weren’t for vision correction, I’d be a very different person today. After all, my whole view of reality would be skewed.

So, even though Thanksgiving is over, I’m giving thanks to God for my physical sight today. And I understand the Bible’s talk of spiritual blindness much more clearly now that I’ve taken my glasses off. Any typos can be attributed to that as well…


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