Word of the Day



According to the New Oxford American Dictionary:

become noticeable in an unwelcome or intrusive way : a sound from the reception hall obtruded into his thoughts.
• [ trans. ] impose or force (something) on someone in such a way : I felt unable to obtrude my private sorrow upon anyone.

Where I Found It

If my people would have consented to my removal, though I should have had much to sacrifice through the affection I bear them, yet I should have made no scruple in accepting [the call to the pastorate of Goodman’s  Fields, the largest particular Baptist church in London at the time]; but as they refuse it, ‘the will of the Lord be done.’ I am determined not to tear myself violently from them; but would rather glorify God in a station much inferior to that I am in, than obtrude myself into a higher without his direction. (Benjamin Beddome, quoted in “Memoir,” Sermons Printed from the Manuscripts of the Late Rev. Benjamin Beddome, A.M. of Bourton-On-The-Water, Gloucestershire: With a Brief Memoir of the Author (London: William Ball, 1835), xx.)

The Question I’m Asking Myself

Would you rather glorify God in a station much inferior to that which you are in, than obtrude yourself into higher without his direction?

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