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Woot and woot. Semester three of seminary is done. If you’re counting, that’s 54 hours out of 93, and man does it feel good! In celebration (really just the late use of a birthday gift), I took my first flying lesson this morning. Here’s the bird: It’s basically plastic, and it takes off at 55 mph, so […]

Well, today’s quote of the day is sure to impress you, but it needs a little introduction. The quote is about our fine military. As you know, they’ve been using those Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to spy on terrorists and such in Pakistan. Those planes send live video back to their controllers. That’s pretty cool… Um, […]

Pumpkin Roll!


Two exams down, two to go. But now it’s time for pumpkin roll.

This site makes me wonder why anyone would force their kid to sit on “Santa’s” lap. If the kid doesn’t want to, don’t make him! As the site amply demonstrates, it’s probably better for your kid not to sit on that guy’s lap, anyway. Parents, would you force your child to sit on “Santa’s” lap just […]

Google Wave


Google Wave: What email would look like if it were invented in the 21st century, or what email would look like if it were locked into one proprietary ecosystem? Put me down for the latter. Wave = communication reinvention fail. Then again, they said something similar about cars, so I may one day eat my […]

The word of the day is: dilettante. dil•et•tante a person who cultivates an area of interest, such as the arts, without real commitment or knowledge (New Oxford American Dictionary) When I first learned today’s word of the day, I thought it a delightfully witty and intelligent insult. For example: Hehe, Richard Dawkins is a dilettante when […]



… is apparently on hold as my head is filled with non-interestingness. Even I’m bored with my thoughts. You should thank me for sparing you.