What Was That About Change?


WASHINGTON â€” President Obama has decided to expedite the deployment of 30,000 additional American troops to Afghanistan over the next six months, in an effort to reverse the momentum ofTaliban gains and create urgency for the government in Kabul to match the American surge with one using its own forces, according to senior administration officials.

Politics is hopeless. The only real change is in Christ Jesus.

One Response to “What Was That About Change?”

  1. Hate to crush you, but he campaigned on the fact that he wanted to increase our presence in Afghanistan and lower it in Iraq. So, technically, he’s keeping that promise. Now, as for the promises of closing Guantanamo and other things, yeah, he forgot those so far. But, it hasn’t been a year yet. So, I suppose there’s always hope in everything.

    Also, he did announce that he will end the war there in three years. So, change isn’t as drastic as America would have hoped. 🙂

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