Okay Okay, Here’s a Post: The Word of the Day


The word of the day is: dilettante.


a person who cultivates an area of interest, such as the arts, without real commitment or knowledge (New Oxford American Dictionary)

When I first learned today’s word of the day, I thought it a delightfully witty and intelligent insult. For example: Hehe, Richard Dawkins is a dilettante when it comes to the Bible, why would anyone pay attention to what he thinks about it?

But then I realized I am one, in almost every area in which I am interested. From someone’s perspective, I’m a dilettante programmer, a dilettante theologian, a dilettante Christian, a dilettante husband, etc.

So now it’s not so funny; it just sounds arrogant.

Lesson learned: Insults can backfire. Refrain from using them.*


* Thankfully, I never actually called anyone a dilettante. But I could have.


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