Quote of the Day


Well, today’s quote of the day is sure to impress you, but it needs a little introduction.

The quote is about our fine military. As you know, they’ve been using those Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to spy on terrorists and such in Pakistan. Those planes send live video back to their controllers.

That’s pretty cool… Um, except that the video signal is completely unencrypted, so the enemies have been watching it, too. Excuse me while I mail this wad of cash to the bank in a zip-lock bag…

Anyway, here’s the best part:

The military has known about the vulnerability for more than a decade, but assumed adversaries would not be able to exploit it. (source)

Nice, no further comment, except to say that yes, this is the most highly funded military in the world, by a long shot.

I’m swelling with pride.

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