Hello, stranger

I have GOT to get back to blogging. So why did I quit? Because I got sick of blogs. Even the best ones, I found, were boring, depressing, or even irritating. And that’s the Christian blogs, written, as I can for the most part attest, by truly godly people. I didn’t want to contribute to the very genre that was irking me.

So why not just write about something else? Well, I didn’t want to bore anyone even more with the programming side of my existence, and I’ve been generally grumpy, so why share that with you?

Okay, so why come back? It occurs to me that some of what I have to say, or rather what I know of what God has to say, deperately needs to be heard, regardless of my own feelings.

As I’ve known (but have not lived as if it were so and regretfully in many ways still don’t), people are literally dying everywhere. It is all around you. And people are hurting everywhere, too.

Since I’ve checked out of the blogosphere, there have been two major earthquakes in the western hemisphere, along with countless rapes, murders, abortions, shootings, diagnoses of terminal illnesses, deaths of relatives, people sinking into depression, giving up hope, turning to drugs or prostitution or video games or food or some job or some girl or boy to soothe their perpetually and inconsolably aching heart, of which they are generally in denial. And I’ve been silent.

And then there’s the Internet. A lot of people, it seems, mindlessly surf the Internet. Maybe they’re looking for some sort of consolation or distraction or a new addiction. And blogs are on the Internet, and this is one of them. But it’s been silent.

And I know the answer to all the horrible things happening everywhere. Not the immediate reason, mind you, but the ultimate ones. I know the Solution. I know the only consolation to the human condition there is. And who am I not to try and tell you? Or keep reminding you? Or ask for your prayers, if you believe in him, as such sufferings happen to me, too?

Some of you have bothered to comment on this little corner of the Internet, and I want to thank you and keep that discussion going. Others of you just read, and that’s cool, I’m usually quiet too. Thanks for dropping by, and huge thanks to you who have kept me in your feed readers over these months.

I’m going to try to be more focused going forward, and I’m going to try to be more forthright. You might not like it. I’m praying Jesus will. Here we go.


2 Responses to “Hello, stranger”

  1. He’s the only one you need to please.

    Welcome back 🙂

  2. 2 Blair

    I’m glad you are blogging. I enjoy reading your blog. Maybe it’s my escapism when I want to throw a book at my boss because she’s idiotic…

    Either way, finding solace in a Christian blog during my work day is nice for me. I suppose that makes me selfish. 🙂

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