The Body of Christ, Doing As They Should


My friend Emmett found out about a month ago that he has stage four cancer. If you don’t know, stage four means BIG DEAL. Not that stage one, two, or three cancer isn’t a big deal.

Anyway, Emmett has been in and out of the hospital since then undergoing multiple operations designed simply to help him garner the strength for chemo. Throughout this time, our home church has come around him, his wife, and his young son, embodying the gospel through prayer, meals, hospital visits, babysitting, finances, and general encouragement. The other night, some of them went over to his house to worship God through prayer and song in his living room. In Emmett’s words:

This past saturday evening (March 13) My home played host to a worship gathering, lovingly put together by my friends. I had had a long day battling some colon junk, and literally, it was cleared up right before people showed up. I took a shower for the first time in weeks, and then, post shower, I laid on the bed, resting from what had seemed like a marathon event, and listening to the sounds of the body of Christ echoing down the hall in song. It broke my heart.

I shattered.

I had not been to a worship gathering in over a month due to this junk going on, and to hear the body of Christ, with voices raised, praising and singing just mere paces from bedroom door, washed over me in mighty waves, and I wept. not like fake guy crying, but like full out Emmy ward winning tears. I was reminded of who was in charge,  and who was the one who is directing my steps, and is coordinating the people, the events, the places, lining up all the small details . . . I was reminded that this is so much bigger than me, and that there are things that Christ is accomplishing through this. What that is,  I don’t know. For me it was remembering the sweet truths of the gospel. At least for now, that has been a strong and steady reminder in the forefront of my thinking.

Pray that all Christians would love one another so well.


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