About Me

I’m Adam Darnell, a Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary M. Div. student and web developer. I have an amazing wife named Heather, and if you’re looking for a better blog than this one, check hers out.

The spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ is what I try to be about and what this blog is (mostly) about. I am constantly working to enlarge its affect on my own heart as well as share it with pretty much anyone who will listen. And who doesn’t intimidate me. My attempts to learn biblical Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic are fueled by this passion.

Coding is what I do to put myself through seminary. jQuery is currently blowing my mind. Ruby is probably my favorite language right now, but most of my time is spent writing in ColdFusion. XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and a little VB are also in my toolbox. Back-end design is fun, but the UI is where it’s at.

Thanks for checking out darnellia, and feel free to take it for a test drive. I hope to hear from you soon in the comments.


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