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…but it’s time to go. The new site over at posterous is much cleaner on your end, and more customizable on mine. I think we’ll both be happier there. So, as of now, Darnellia is becoming Adamic. Come along for the ride, and please update your bookmarks and subscribe to the new feed. Thanks for […]

Speaking of searches, apparently somebody found my site by googling “other words for delicious.” Excellent! (I guess I’m taking that as a compliment, but maybe you can help me interpret it better??)

Alan Knox is surprised that the search term “can pastors keep leftover money in professional expense accounts” landed somebody on his website. What he doesn’t tell you is that he was the one searching! You see, he likes to keep the extra money he makes from his plush church salary to buy nice things on […]

I bust the windows out your car And no it didn’t mend my broken heart I’ll probably always have these ugly scars But right now I don’t care about that part I bust the windows out your car After I saw you laying next to her I didn’t wanna but I took my turn I’m […]



Mmmm, Pasteurized!

This a total aside… But for a more hilarious facebook experience, scroll down to the bottom of any facebook page, click “English (US),” and change the language to “English (Pirate).” Then look around a bit. Conclusion: Life’s more fun when you speak like a pirate. Enjoy!

Thanks to those of you who stopped by the (potential) new site! If you haven’t yet, you should click here and drop me a note in the comments. In the meantime, I’ll be posting in both places to see how it works on my end, so wherever you choose to get your feed from or […]