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Speaking of searches, apparently somebody found my site by googling “other words for delicious.” Excellent! (I guess I’m taking that as a compliment, but maybe you can help me interpret it better??) Advertisements

Alan Knox is surprised that the search term “can pastors keep leftover money in professional expense accounts” landed somebody on his website. What he doesn’t tell you is that he was the one searching! You see, he likes to keep the extra money he makes from his plush church salary to buy nice things on […]

This one comes to us from the illustrious Dr. Nathan Finn, my Baptist history professor: Some of you who are Calvinists think Calvinism is the gospel. My response to that is: You need to take a cold shower. Some of you Arminians think that Calvinism kills evangelism and missions. You need to learn how to […]

I sometimes think of quitting… But I usually abandon the thought as soon as I realize how much joy it would bring my enemies. -Dr. Jim West (link)