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Yikes! is sentient! As you can see at the bottom of this post, kindly adds links that it thinks are relevant to the topic at hand. On my last post, I found this link. answered the question I proposed for comment with a link to these: An astute commenter on that linked […]

Here’s another great quote from the good Dr Jim West: Jay [arguing for gay marriage] has, just like his opponents in the issue, politicized the Bible to his own ends. He has decontextualized it, accused it of being unjust (from an anachronistic, modern point of view alone), and then suggested its message needs to be […]

This quote, especially coming from John Calvin, makes me feel a little better about having a hard time interpreting and applying some passages of Scripture: In our daily reading of Scripture we come upon many obscure passages that convict us of ignorance. With this bridle God keeps us within bounds, assigning to each his “measure […]

Doing Theology


Most anyone will admit that doing theology is a dangerous endeavor. Theology is where philosophy meets Scripture and a person attempts to systemize biblical teaching. The inherent risk is that the Bible contains multiple genres (narrative, poetry, history,¬†apocalypse, etc.), whereas “good” theology generally comes in tidy packages of logical argument. Things can get lost in […]