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Reading the blogs today, I came across this quote from Dustin Curtis, a graphic designer: When I first started designing as a hobby, I hated everything I made. I knew it was terrible, and no matter how hard I tried, I could never make it good enough for myself. But I didn’t give up, and after a […]

Here’s another great quote from the good Dr Jim West: Jay [arguing for gay marriage] has, just like his opponents in the issue, politicized the Bible to his own ends. He has decontextualized it, accused it of being unjust (from an anachronistic, modern point of view alone), and then suggested its message needs to be […]

My Baptism


A few weekends ago, I was baptized by immersion on a camping trip with my church. You may have noticed that I’ve been publishing a subtly Christian blog. If you’re a real reader, you’ve read the “About Me” page and noticed that I’ve even been in seminary for about a year and a half now. […]

Since it’s Saturday and you may have more time to waste spend on the world wide time-suck web, it seems like a good day to kick off a new series here at darnellia: Essays. These posts will usually be a bit longer than most because they’re papers I’ve written for classes. As my professor Dr. David […]

This one comes to us from the illustrious Dr. Nathan Finn, my Baptist history professor: Some of you who are Calvinists think Calvinism is the gospel. My response to that is: You need to take a cold shower. Some of you Arminians think that Calvinism kills evangelism and missions. You need to learn how to […]

This Sunday, I’m teaching in church on Matthew 22:34-40: Now when the Pharisees heard that he [Jesus] silenced the Sadducees they gathered together in the same place. And one of them, an expert in the law, asked, testing him, “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” And he said to him, “‘You must […]

Does God Care?


Confession: I’ve been in a bit of a spiritual coma for the last couple of months. My time in translating Scripture has been wonderful, but I just haven’t felt very close – or even motivated to be close – to God recently. I write this because I’d like to share a few ways in which […]